MacerRx Web Gel

Relieves symptoms of itching, burning and cracking of the infected area. 

MacerRx Web Gel contains Miconazole Nitrate 2% in an Astringent Vehicle.

A new fast drying gel for macerated, infected web spaces.

For the treatment of superficial skin infections caused by:

- Candida albicans (intertrigo)
- Corynebacteria (erythrasma)
- Dermatophytes (tinea)

Clarus Antifungal Cream

Medical strenghts antifungal cream containing tea tree oil and 20% urea. For the treatment of athletes foot and ringworm, which is designed to enhance the penetration into the skin. 

Clarus Antifungal Solution

Medical strenghts antifungal cream containing tea tree oil and 20% urea. For the treatment of athletes foot and ringworm, which is designed to enhance the penetration into the skin. 1% Tolnaftate, is a safe, effective oil-soluble forumulation indicated for the treatment of athletes foot and ringworm. 

Some Attributes:

  • Will not stain
  • Pleasant scent
  • No removal or cleaning of residue 
  • Paraben-free
  • Clear and Fast drying
  • Includes a convenient applicator brush

Kera-42 Cream

KERA-42 CREAM is a safe, effective, medical strength, keratolytic and moisturizing urea-based formulation essential for calloused, rough, dry skin.

KERA-42 CREAM exfoliates dead skin cells while restoring moisture to the new cell layer, providing an optimal environment for healthy skin.

KERA-42 CREAM also contains tea tree oil, aloe vera, and antioxidants that provide additional hydration to the damaged, rough and dry skin.



VerruStat products contain the active ingredient Salicylic Acid. It has been specially formulated for the topical management and removal of clinically or histopathologically proven common and palmoplantar warts. VerruStat is dispensed only by physicians.

VerruStat is the first physician-dispensed product to employ retinyl palmitate (a vitamin A derivative), and penetration-enhancer MSM in the product vehicle. This unique product has been designed specifically for physicians of the lower extremity.

Available in two forms:

VerruStat Liquid Wart Remover and VerruStat Medicated Plantar Pads

One Tool So Many Uses – ProStretch Plus®

ProStretch Plus - proven to provide a deep, effective stretch that increases flexibility along the entire inter-connective chain, soothing tight calves, strengthening weak Achilles tendons and foot muscles -- delivering the flexibility needed for lasting relief.

In fact, ProStretch Plus provides relief from the 3 of the Top 5 Running Injuries

1. Plantar Fasciitis
2. Achilles Tendonitis
3. IT Band Syndrome
4. Runner's Knee
5. Shin Splints

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

Podiatrist-designed, clinically proven orthotic support Tri-Planar Motion Control system for essential support and stability Flexible and lightweight construction Orthaheel products are ideal for:

  • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Moderate to excessive pronation
  • Complementary orthotic treatment
  • Shock-absorbing support and stability
  • Low- and high-performance athletes

Over The Counter Orthotics

The over counter orthotics feature a new and improved increased rigidity shell encsed in a tri-laminar EVA/poron outer casing. The polypropylene shell is anatomically designed to provide maximum control and support without sacrificing volume in the shoe.
Our over the counter orthotics are exclusive to our office and not sold online or in stores which give you a better quality over the counter orthotic.

Custom Orthotics

As you walk your heel swings from side to side very slightly, like the pendulum on a clock. If, however, your heel swings too far when you walk or run, your foot may be overpronating, or flattening too much. This incorrect movement stresses and weakens parts of your foot. Over time, you may develop symptoms in your feet ranging from a change in shape to pain when you walk.

Custom-made orthotics are medical devices that support and gently reposition the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones in the feet, enabling these structures to work together as nature intended, to make each step you take pain-free. Unlike shoe inserts bought over the counter, however, custom-made orthotics are built from molds of your feet to meet your unique needs. They're typically made with comfortable thermoplastic materials, which are guaranteed to last for years, and can be designed to fit in dress shoes, athletic shoes, boots, and skates.

Custom-made orthotics can relieve many different types of foot pain including heel pain and plantar fasciitis; arch pain; pain caused by running, walking, and other athletics; pain related to diabetes; pain experienced by senior citizens; and many other kinds of foot pain related to bunions, trauma, sprains, and other disorders.