Patient Testimonials

Angela R.

After a toe‐injury that sent me to the ER several months ago, I started getting pain again and went on
the hunt for a podiatrist I'd feel comfortable with. My health insurance site, Yelp, and the fates led me
to Dr. Cheney's office and I was not disappointed.
There was actually a podiatrist much closer to my house, but when I called that office repeatedly, no
one ever answered. Needless to say, this worked to my benefit as I found Dr. Cheney once I kept
Everything has been smooth, from booking my appointment to going in the office. It was easy to find,
the paperwork was minimal, and everyone I've interacted with has been professional and friendly ‐ even
Esther the awesome office dog!
Dr. Cheney and her staff were thorough, asked all the right questions, and were genuinely interested in
helping ease my discomfort. After just a few minutes with Dr. Cheney, I understood so much more
about my injury and how to prevent future pain than what I took away from my 6 hour saga in the
hospital months ago.
I also love that the office is digital and as an empowered patient I have access to the office via the web. I
wouldn't hesitate to recommend her or this office to anyone with foot or ankle issues.

John H

This past January I ran the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon and had a minor issue, thought that I broke my right foot. After looking through a number of reviews and locations. I decided to call Dr. Allison Cheney for a consult.
I scheduled the appointment and arrived a few minutes ahead of time to make sure that I would know where I was going and to ensure a parking spot.
After filling in the required paperwork, I had a chance to talk frankly with Dr. Cheney about my concerns. She took a few x‐rays, examined my foot and set my mind at ease. The foot was not broken, only slightly strained. She was able to give me a script for an anti‐inflammatory and we scheduled the follow up visit.
I went back after 3 weeks and got the go ahead to run again.
I would recommend Dr. Cheney to anyone looking for a good foot doctor in the area.

Brittany W

Turns out kitchen organizing in flip flops is a bad idea, long story short, I ended up with a black toenail and an ingrown from cutting it down too far. Another bad idea, bathroom surgery on your foot. Noted. Based on the referral of a friend and fellow yelper, I reluctantly took my problem child toe to the doctor this morning. Dr Cheney is great, a hybrid of being understanding to my childlike fear of medical needles and procedures, yet straightforward about what I needed to remedy the issue at hand. I left feeling relieved and am back on the road to all 10 toes being a beautiful skin colored shade, sans ingrown toenails.


Dr Cheney is passionate about feet and that was a treat!! I originally visited the office due to plantars fasciatis. She was very thorough and spent the time discussing my condition. She also gave me an inoffice treatment that helped alleviate the pain rather immediately. Her staff followed up to see how I was doing a few days later. The front receptionist gal could use some more people and "welcoming" skills but overall the treatment was a good experience. Thank you!!

Tina K

After dealing with months of pain from Plantar Fasciitis I decided on the EPAT treatment. After just 2 treatments I could walk with a dramatic decrease in pain. The combination of EPAT and stretching allowed me to go back to the workout routine that I had been missing.

Nina B

My son has had serious problems with ingrown toenails for years and it is extremely painful. On our first visit with Dr. Cheney she made us both feel comfortable and we absolutely love her sense of humor and compassion. We had to go back several times because his toenails just did not grow in correctly. The receptionist always has a smile on her face and is very efficient. I am very thankful to Dr. Cheney for helping us through the past few years. She did an amazing job with the surgeries and her "bedside" manner was caring and warm. She has always been happy and upbeat as well as caring and professional. We would never consider going to anyone else for foot care. Dr. Cheney is amazing!!


I am very thankful for Dr Cheney, I have 7 year old twins one of them had a very painful ingrown toenail. He was extremely sensitive about anyone even touching it. Dr Cheney was very gentle with the shot and kept him happy throughout the visit. She took extra time with him. I couldn't have asked for a more compassionate and thoughtful staff. I highly recommend Dr Cheney to anyone that is having foot problems


Dr. Cheney and her staff are caring and compassionate!! They are the best example of what a doctor's office should be. Dr. Cheney is professional yet sensitive. She ensures a proper treatment plan by taking time to ask lifestyle as well as medical questions. I feel very lucky to have found her and highly recommend!


A few Months ago I thought I would never be able to walk again without pain. Thanks for “fixing “my foot


Thank you so much for fixing my toe. I can’t remember when I last put on my shoes without pain.


Thanks! My feet feel so much better with the orthotics, new shoes, and elimination of the corns!


Dr. Cheney and her staff are caring and compassionate!!  Dr. Cheney is professional yet sensitive.  She ensures a proper treatment plan by taking time to ask lifestyle as well as medical questions.


Thank you for the help with my foot.  I hiked the Rincon Mountains near Tucson with little to no pain in my right heel.  Before visiting you my heel hurt to walk from my car to the office.  I know I can continue to do the things I enjoy using my feet to the fullest!


Good to see you and I have happy feet. In fact my big left toe wants to marry my big right toe. They are so happy. Looks like a time for celebration.