Shoes For The Newly Walking Baby

My baby just started walking what shoes are Best!

There are so many options for new walker shoes how do you choose?  As a podiatrist who treats pediatric patients I find this to be a common question parents ask.  One shoe I can recommend with confidence is the Momo Baby Girls Mary Jane Leather Shoes.  I started mine with the Flower Power White and they were a hit.  As a podiatrist I know how complicated the human foot can become so “starting out on the right foot” is critical.  The trend I have found with Momo Baby has been quality as well as function with style.  Now that my baby is on the move and walking unassisted I need her in a shoe that will not only protect her feet from debris/bacteria but also provide her the support she needs.  The flexible rubber sole is solid, it is a very sturdy bottom but easily moves with the little feet.  I felt safe knowing the rubber and deep tread pattern will reduce slippage/falls.  As she began to walk I never found her to look clumsy in these shoes as I have seen so many other kids look in some stiff shoes.  I loved the idea of a removable, anti-bacterial, breathable insole.  Not only does this keep feet comfy and dry but in the event as a physician I need to recommend a shoe to a child that requires an orthotic the ability to remove the insert is key.

Similar to the crib shoes I tried by Momo, my only negative I found was the adjustable strap.  It was very durable Velcro however it had a drawback and that was my child liked removing it.  By the time my little one was 13mo she found the sound of the Velcro to be her entertainment while driving along in the backseat.  I think a possible loop closure in addition to the Velcro could prevent the little ones from totally removing the shoes.  When reviewing all the other shoes available if this is only downside to the shoe I can live with it.  Keep making amazing shoes Momo baby.


Dr. Allison Cheney

Pediatric Podiatrist in Monmouth County, NJ