Ice Skating in New Jersey


Feeling restless this winter and tired of keeping the kids indoors?  What can a family do for fun in the winter at the Jersey Shore?  A visit to the new ice rink to open this weekend in Asbury Park may become your new tradition.  Not only can you get a good workout, but you can also check out the new Asbury Hotel which made headlines this summer for its outdoor pool and mouthwatering food trucks, the casual indoor lounge area and its rooftop movie theater overlooking the ocean.  The new outdoor ice rink amenity is set to have a grand opening this Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 8pm.  Details can be found at


If you make this your new tradition, take note of a few skating pitfalls that can ruin your day

at the Shore.  Skating is not enjoyable if you have foot pain every time you push off your

skate.  There are several ice skating injuries that can befall a weekend skater or someone regularly involved in the sport.  Lace bite can occur if you lace your skates too tightly.  

You don’t want them to be so tight that you pinch your feet and cut off circulation.  If your skates are too loose, you will have a tendency to clench your toes and your feet can cramp.  Friction can also happen if your heel slips around causing uncomfortable blisters.

To avoid these concerns, check to make sure that your skates fit well.  Don’t be shy about asking to try a couple of different sizes in order to find the right fit, and take time to adjust the laces as needed.  The ankles receive critical support from the skate, so do your part to avoid ankle sprains.


If foot pain is keeping you at home, we’d love to help you!  We can identify the exact reason for your pain, and provide the treatment you need to get back on your feet (and in your skates) without pain.  Contact AllCare Foot & Ankle 732-695-3668.  Dr. Cheney is located less than 5miles from The Asbury Hotel in Oakhurst, New Jersey.